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        首頁 > 產品中心 > G oil-injected air compressors

        G oil-injected air compressors

        A robust multiple offer

        G compressors bring you outstanding sustainability, reliability and performance, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. This range provides you with the compressed air solution that perfectly matches your requirements with clear value propositions. Built to perform even in the harshest environments, these compressors keep your production running efficiently.

        Technical specifications G series

        流量 FAD (l/s)

        7.8 l/s - 1,083 l/s


        7.5 bar(e)  - 10.5 bar(e)


        4 kW - 335 kW

        流量 FAD

        28.08 m3/h - 3,899 m3/h


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